Mens Ice Ice Out Miami Cuban Link Chain 14k Gold Finish Bling BUST DOWN 24"

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�� ICED OUT�� 16MM MIAMI CUBAN CHAIN LINK Necklace 5x ELECTROPLATED WITH MICROPAVED LAB DIAMONDS Our jewelry is made with a proprietary formula known only to our highly skilled artisans. Approx 300 lab diamonds �� of 20-30 ct to provide the super icy look and to improve the durability. We apply 20 micro-inches to a core made of semi-precious metals in order to improve - resistance to tarnishing, - the look and feel of solid gold, - quality jewelry, not the cheap pieces. We are proud of the product we create. ✔️Free Shipping ✔️We stand behind our product quality. ✔️We offer 30 days warranty, no questions asked. ✔️We would love to exchange the product if u have any problem with the craftsmanship or if the product arrives broken.